What our clients say...


Sarah H, Queenstown 
Started off with the 6 week Blitz program with Tania as I'd decided I would try Fitness For Life instead of a regular gym (which I knew I would only go once or twice a week). Now I hate it when I miss a class and want to go at least twice or three times a week at 6am. It's a great way to start the day with Tania who is always so full of energy, knows everyone's names, pushes you to your hardest (without shouting) with the pure passion to motivate and help support your overall well-being. I cannot recommend her classes enough...and also her text messages to say that she missed me at class today which is so personal and makes me go the next day. Thank you, thank you Tania for all your support - you guys absolutely are amazing.


Fleur Caulton, Kelvin Heights - Queenstown
“Life is what you make of it”
If you have a practical approach to your life you will know that nothing comes easy and it is only you that can make it happen for yourself and that generally means lots of hard work. That is exactly what happens at any of Tania Campbell’s sessions huge amounts of hard work but for some reason she has this way that makes you love it, makes you get out of bed at 5.30am, makes you do press ups till your shoulders can take no more or so many bottom exercises that you know sitting on the toilet is going to be an issue for the rest of the week.  She has made me stronger, fitter, leaner and not just physically but mentally.  We are all everyday people with everyday excuses……… too cold, too dark, too hot, too tired…..we know them all but everyone that goes to Tania wants to be there for the way it makes us all feel………GREAT!  Tania is a trained professional and as professionals goes she is the best at what she does.  I have over the years been trained by many different people and nothing compares to what (Madame Lash) has to offer...You will only know if you give it a go.


Jo Conroy, Lake Hayes Estate, Queenstown
I have been attending Tania’s class for around two years, which is interesting because I don’t like gyms.  The reason this is different is because it is so personal – Tania is genuinely concerned about the health and welfare of us all and sets realistic limits.  The girls all get on well and have a laugh, which helps the time pass quickly.  And if you are feeling a bit lazy and think about not getting up, you know Tania will get in touch later to find out why not. I also really like that the class changes each week so we don’t have a chance to get bored and know that our muscles are continually challenged.  If you want a fun work out with a capable and caring trainer, then Tania is for you.


Lara Fletcher, Tuckers Beach - Queenstown
So ruthless!! I can still hear you Tania.... but you always say it with a bright and cheerful smile and somehow you get me to push myself more than I ever thought I could. And get results! Your classes have become such an integral part of my life and I always feel fantastic afterwards. Thank you so much for keeping me on track!


Mary Bradshaw, Fernhill - Queenstown (Senior Class Member)
Since joining Tania's fitness classes for seniors, more than 4 years ago,  my life has been transformed physically and psychologically.  Particularly noticeable is the improved core strength. As well as having fun, we feel fitter and stronger. We know that exercise releases endorphin's,  those "feel good"  chemicals. Tania always motivates and encourages us, introducing more little challenges from week to week. We make new friends and enjoy meeting temporary residents who come to the Wakatipu area for our summer months.  Above all, it's great to experience exercising in a small group setting, with such a committed person as Tania to inspire us. 


Rosemary Clough (Senior Class Member), England - travels to Queenstown for the summer
Tania is incredibly welcoming to whomever joins her group whether it is aqua arobics or land based exercises. She, remarkably, remembers everyone’s name and always keeps the classes interesting and her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. She makes us oldies feel young again.


Alice Gallaway, Arthurs Point - Queenstown
I first started going to Tania’s classes when I was 46.  I've always been a keen walker but I'd never induldged in any cardio beyond fast walking. And as far as weights go, I'd certainly never attempted anything beyond lifting the old casks of wine at University. When I started with Tania at 6.00am it wasn't the early rising which astounded me….it was the sheer challenge of intense cardio and weights and I used to think that it was going to kill me. Sometimes I thought I had died.
Tania’s constant support during class, her text messaging, vibrancy and huge consistent positiveness is the hook that keeps you going. She’s amazing and you develop this loyalty to her where you just don’t want to let her down.  It wasn't long before I committed to attending two classes a week and when working life allows I love to go three times a week most of all. There's never any teensy chance of boredom as the routine is different every week.  The one thing that doesn't change is the challenge and it is consistently hard but in such a fantastic way. Tania treats us all as individuals and knows our capabilities and our limits. The classes are made up of such a wonderful array of gorgeous women of all ages and stages. I feel fitter than I have ever felt and I will never stop going to Tania’s classes because I can truly say she has changed that part of my life.

Maxine Murdoch - Dalefield, Queenstown 
I joined Tania's classes to have a go and because I had seen some of the great results. That was a few years ago now and unlike other fads I am continually entertained and energized both emotionally and physically.  Her classes let you work at your own level but you are continually challenged to push yourself harder and to the next level.  I think my favourite part is that they vary so much from week to week.  And really it is so much more than just working out your body you feel better mentally as well. 


Penny Kennett - Frankton, Queenstown   
Come on ladies, it looks great ....30 seconds to go, I don't want anyone to give up!! That's the sound I have been listening to from Tania for over 5 years now. I started back when she was operating out of her garage (before she became famous). I'd always walked and biked but certainly hadn't done anything like this before. I consider Tania a good friend now and have made many friendships through my attending her classes.  I still love the sessions after all this time and she always mixes it up so we don't get bored.  I go to Tania once a week - this combined with my yoga, biking and running makes for a balanced exercise routine.  If I ever have injuries or special requirements Tania is only to happy to help to adapt a class to suit me. I highly recommend FFL if you want to get in shape and say fit but don't expect to cruise through a class!!!


Marcie, Queenstown 
Fitness for life is fantastic for women who don't like to go to the gym, like me. The classes are action packed and work the whole body, not just the bits that you enjoy doing. It's great to feel strong healthy and confident. Plus the classes are filled with heaps of cool chicks and run by amazing motivators.


Fritha Beaton, Arrowtown
I just finished a yummy sandwich stuffed full of salad and goodness and was thinking that this whole 'Blitz' thing is about giving rather than taking away. Like giving yourself good, tasty food options rather than taking away the things you crave. Giving yourself the time to exercise and the time to relax as opposed to trying to make it fit. Thank you Tania for getting me started, I am feeling so much better and really enjoy(?) your classes. Your weekly menus have given me a great stepping stone to long term healthier eating and I really intend to keep giving myself that reward.


A gorgeous but anonymous senior client
Thank you for the week 2 menu plan.  Very very happy too with results x 2.  Visualizing on a constant basis 36lbs of butter has been sheer motivation in itself actually! My husband is doing very well as well as our meals are in tandum. As always your abounding enthusiasm and passion in what you do is not only inspiring but probably from an older perspective... life recharging and changing as well.  


Jude Henry, Dalefield - Queenstown (Senior Class Member)
My friend invited me to join her at Tania's exercise class for older ladies. 
I've always walked for regular exercise but never been to any sort of exercise class, I was rather sceptical but thought I'd try it. 
Twelve months down the track I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoy the exercises. Tania is highly motivated and keeps the class fun. I am feeling so much better in myself and my husband said he can 'see' the positive results. I would recommend anyone who is thinking of getting out and having a bit of healthy fun, contact Tania, she will change your life!


Jan Chappell, Queenstown (Senior Class Member)
I've been going to Tania's Seniors Class for the past 18 months and I haven't felt better in years.  I now have greater upper body strength and leg strength.  (I can't see the inner core strength, but I'm sure it has improved!) Tania always encourages us to get to the next level of strength, but she also recognises that different people have different abilities and always has easy, medium or hard options for us to choose from. The classes are varied and she is always very positive with us. It is great to be exercising  with women of a similar age.
Thanks Tania. You are a Star! 


Sarah Robinson, Dalefield - Queenstown
I was once a very active sports person who loved being involved in teams and group sporting activities but like so many of us I let my family and motherhood duties dominate every second of my day. I no longer felt fit or strong, and was always tired - as we do with little people. I didn’t like the way I felt so I went along with a good friend to one of Tania’s personal training sessions.  To my great surprise that wonderful rewarding feeling of having a truly great fitness experience returned! Not only was the hour challenging, interesting and athletically balanced there was a great sense of camaraderie and fun between all the girls. It was really fun, and still is!! I've been enjoying classes with Tania for the last 12 months and look forward to the next 12. Each week she has a new range of exercises that compliment those of the week before - not to mention the new music that she tirelessly arranges. My level of fitness has improved beyond my expectation and can now enjoy all the fitness activities this wonderful area has to offer throughout the year. I can honestly say that the only thing I get disappointed about when it comes to training with Tania Campbell is, when I miss a session.


Kristy Norton,  Frankton - Queenstown
At first the thought of getting up at 6am made me cringe but now, it's a way of life. I love the social aspect of the classes and have made tons of friends - boy do we have some giggles in between push-ups. Tania's personal commitment to each and every one of us is amazing. She makes me feel very special and completely dedicated to my results. I'd highly recommend it to anyone moving to the area, it's a great way to meet people and most of all it's the best way to get fit and feel great about yourself. I can't say enough good things about Fitness For Life and Tania Campbell. She's one of a kind. The day I started attending her fitness classes over five years ago was the day my life turned around and I've been on an amazing fitness, health and well-being journey ever since. I owe that to Tania and for that I say thank you. I suggest anyone else thinking about making a positive change in their lives to get in touch with her pronto! You won't look back.



Debbie Zampieri, Lake Hayes, Queenstown
I’m incredibly grateful to have been introduced to Tania over a year ago, my family and friends couldn't believe it when I continued waking up early (very unlike me) for 6am classes through an icy cold winter! Going to Tania’s classes has been such a positive for me and to be completely honest life changing!  After attending classes for a while and then participating in the Blitz programme last year we were puzzled when I was dropping weight and toning up everywhere except my tummy area… fortunately Tania encouraged me to seek medical advice.  After a major operation which lead to the best results you could ever wish for, I remember the medical professionals that I met all commented how healthy and fit I was and that I’d recover really well… and I did! I am so enjoying being back doing classes again, love seeing and feeling the results but importantly also having few laughs along the way.


Sarah Stewart, Arthurs Point - Queenstown
I was looking to up my fitness levels and lose weight after baby number three. To be honest I was feeling frumpy and unfit and I’d had enough. I'd also been putting off exercise after a knee injury, and to top it off I wanted to shed some kg's for my wedding in five months time. I've been going to Tania’s classes for six months. They're fun and very relaxed, with people of varying levels of fitness in each class. All of the women are really encouraging and we really have a good laugh. In fact how she deals with all of our moans and groans is beyond me….She works around peoples specific injuries so that you're still able to attend and still get a good work out. Her classes constantly change so we are doing something different every week.
If you are keen to take it a step further she has an eating plan (The Blitz) which to be fair I normally run a mile from. But the Blitz is great and easy to follow. It even tells you what to fill your cupboards with so you have all of the right food at the ready. The Blitz has changed my eating habits altogether and I feel so much better now just following the general guidelines. The results from this, together with exercise, were immediate for me, and over a 6 month period I've lost 6kgs. I feel so much better, lighter, stronger, have more energy and am feeling good in clothes again. Tania really is a fantastic girl. She has boundless energy, is always positive, fun, and really knows how to get you trim and fit if that's your goal.


Barb Chisholm, Kelvin Heights - Queenstown
I first was introduced to Tania Campbells personal training groups in Feb 2006, and I'm amazed that I am still attending. I'm usually there 3 times a week and this is mainly down to the fact that the exercise changes - no two weeks are the same and "I LOVE IT"!! Tania is the most amazing positive and encouraging personal trainer I've ever had...... not only during class but all the other times aswell. I often get a little text with a positive message and encouragement. I'm in my late 40's and feel better about my body now than ever before (well maybe since my early 20's). I've more strength, stamina and am definitely less stressed - I put this all down to the hard work which for me is totally paying off. I love the group sessions, and all the girls that go with it, they are encouraging and motivating and we can have such a laugh. But, at the end of the day we're all there for the same reason and that is to be healthy and strong. To be honest I could not imagine my life without Tania Campbell and "Fitness for Life".


Jo Allen, Lake Hayes - Queenstown
Well I could just say that Tania Campbell has "changed my life"!!  But...I would love to expand on this a little.  I've been training with Tania for 18 months. I thought I was doing OK, going on my regular walks when I could fit them in between all the other things mothers try to fit in, until I began to notice how great a friend was looking as a result of going to Tania.  So I took the plunge.... (I actually got quite nervous before classes for the first couple of weeks in fear that I was going to be so unfit and uncoordinated)...I soon realised I was quite unfit and there was plenty of room for improvement as far as strength and weight loss go.  After consistently attending class for a couple of months I started noticing a difference in lot's of aspects.    With the help and support of Tania I have managed to lose some weight, but the major change for me has been 'shape'.  I have lost nearly 12 cm from my waist and 5cm from around my arms.  Not only do I love the fact that my body shape has changed for the better but class is great time-out from the busy routine which we all seem to have in our lives.  There's a great group of girls doing the same thing and we have a lot of fun together. Tania's classes are not only awesome fun, but is very professional and incredibly supportive of everyone's different needs - I feel extremely confident that she knows what she's on about.  I always love going to class and always look forward to what she has in store for us each week when she changes the exercises.


Leigh Webster, Lakes Hayes Estate, Queenstown
I started Tania's classes about 5 years ago as support for a friend, I didn't think for a minute I would get hooked...now 5 years on I admit, I'm addicted. Fitness For Life classes have given me confidence beyond belief, I was never a gym goer and its fair to say quite unfit when I started, but with Tania's positive encouragement and the inspiring group of women that I have met at her classes I have discovered that exercise makes me feel AMAZING, inside and out. The key to Tania's classes are they change from one week to the next so there is no chance of just switching on automatic pilot for an hour....and just when your body thinks its got this exercising lark sorted she gives you something new to make a whole new set of muscles ache...normally muscles my body didn't know it had. Then there is TANIA with her never faulting support and encouragement whether its via a simple text message or when you don't think you can do any more she says YOU'RE DOING GREAT - DON'T GIVE UP!  and you feel like your letting her down if you give up...   I have a lot to thank Tania for.  Not only have I met some amazing women who I now consider wonderful friends but I now have an inner confidence to wear clothes that flatter rather than hiding beneath baggy outfits with no shape, the mirror is now my friend.  Thank you!