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Fitness & health

for women

of all ages &

all fitness levels



Fitness Classes

Fitness for Life offers offers fun and challenging group exercise classes to women of all ages in Queenstown

Our High Intensity and Core & More classes will leave you feeling hot, sweaty and amazing. We will challenge you to bring your best to each and every session and your body will LOVE you for it.

We focus on all over body toning, strength and flexibility and improving fitness. Tania and Jenny will keep you motivated every step of the way, you will feel a huge sense of achievement, see great results and come jumping back for more.



$135     10 High Intensity classes
$90       10 60+ Exercise classes


It's proven,

we get results 


Eating Plans

Join The Blitz TODAY and create lasting change - Start your 6 week transformational eating plan with Fitness for Life”

'It's not a diet, it's an overall 'feel good' eating programme that I'm adopting for life...'

The Blitz!
The Blitz is our amazing six week eating and exercise programme developed by Tania Campbell. Kick start your body, shed those unwanted kilos and reclaim the body you love.

Quick, simple and delicious recipes with meal plans, a weekly shopping list and all the motivation and encouragement you need.

Get in touch TODAY to start your 6 week healthy eating and weight loss journey with us.



Our Blitzers commit to a minimum of 2 Fitness for Life classes per week and follow the weekly eating plans. Enjoy our recipes - full of fresh, whole, real foods that are highly nutritious and we will have you looking and feeling fantastic in no time.

Everyone who commits to the 6 week Blitz sees AMAZING results.

For more information click here to email and join us today!



Eat Fit for life is our Blitz made easy for those who don't live in Queenstown or can’t attend our local classes.