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Fitness & health

for women

of all ages &

all fitness levels



Fitness Classes

Fitness for Life offers group fitness training sessions for women. 

Classes cater for anyone aged between 17 and 80+

There are two classes you can choose to attend - 'regular' or 'senior' age group fitness classes. They focus on all over body toning, strength, fitness and flexibility and differ each week. The classes are designed to keep you motivated, they'll leave you feeling amazing and wanting to come back for more!


Concession Card Costs

$135     10 regular classes
$90       10 senior classes


It's proven,

we get results 


Eating Plans

Get in touch if you would like to BLITZ!

'It's not a diet, it's an overall 'feel good' eating programme that I'm adopting for life...'

The Blitz!
The Blitz is a six week exercise and eating programme developed by Tania Campbell.
It's designed to kick start your body and enable people to shed those unwanted kilo's and is suitable for all fitness levels.


Eating Plan Options

THE BLITZ - for clients also attending 2+ FFL classes per week
EAT FIT FOR LIFE - for clients unable to attend FFL classes