Eating Plans...

'It's not a diet, it's an overall 'feel good' eating programme that I'm adopting for life...'

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The Blitz!
The Blitz is our AMAZING six week exercise and eating programme developed by Tania Campbell.
It's designed to kick start your body and enable you to shed those unwanted kilo's in a matter of weeks.

So you want to lose weight...
The important first step with weight loss is spending some time figuring out how you gained the weight in the first place.
The next step is to think about the eating and exercise habits you've adopted so you can make some positive changes. 

At Fitness For Life we use the '3 P' approach:  

P = Planning: It is no use just 'wishing or wanting' to be slimmer, you need to plan. The Blitz always gets results with our easy to follow plan.

P = Persistence: Stick with the plan.  Slipping up occasionally is normal. What's important is not letting a small stumble turn into a major landslide.  We motivate you every step of the way.

P = Patience: It took months, maybe years to gain your extra weight, but don't worry it won't take you this long to lose it. Just START NOW and you're only 6 weeks away from the slimmer, healthier you. Be patient with yourself along the way.

The Food
Our delicious menu plan contains lots of nutritious and easy to create recipes, designed for busy lives and hungry families. The key to success on the Blitz is being organised and we've don't all the hard work for you. Once you sign up for the Blitz you will receive a weekly eating plan accompanied by a weekly shopping list and all of the yummy recipes in an email - no thinking required!

Here's a taster: Try this Minty Banana Smoothie for an refreshing energy boosting pick-me-up!

Fitness For Life Exercise Classes

Everyone is different, but generally speaking to get results most people should commit to exercising four to five times per week. This can be a combination of Fitness For Life classes and your own walking/biking/swimming program, or simply attending Fitness For Life as our classes will give you all you need and more.

If this sounds like something you'd like to commit to but don't live near Queenstown or can't attend the minimum of two Fitness For Life classes, then you should check out our EAT-Fit For Life programme below...

Sign Up - Let's get you started TODAY!

Go to the 'contact us' page send us an email with your commitment to start today.

NB:- Before the Blitz begins we will send you a 'Blitz' commitment contract to sign and you will need to purchase your 10 class concession card. Then you're set for success and we'll send you weekly emails with your plan and shopping list.

EAT-FIT-FOR-LIFE (online Blitz)

Eat Fit for Life is the 'on-line' version of the Fitness For Life healthy eating Blitz programme.

Do you want to do the Blitz but can’t make it to our Fitness For Life exercise classes?
Don’t despair, because we have the ‘EAT-fit for life’ programme that allows you to remotely access everything a 'Blitzer' would access here in Queenstown, without needing to attend the exercise classes. We do suggest for best results that you are doing 4-5 days of exercise per week.

Our six week Eat Fit for Life & Blitz eating plans are tried and tested. We have seen so many kilos lots since we started in 2014. Women who have been following our eating plans have shed kilo upon kilo. Our plans have taught them great eating habits that they've adopted permanently in every day life. The plan is full of simple delicious healthy food and is extremely easy to follow.

We offer seasonal menus for Spring, Summer and Winter and you can join the Eat Fit for Life Programme at any time of year, just make the commitment to start!


Access to EAT-fit for life costs $35 per week -- $210 in total to be paid in advance.

The Nitty Gritty

When you sign up to EAT-fit for life you will sign a commitment...not just to FFL but to yourself as well. This outlines your goals for the programme. Two days prior to your start day, we will send you a menu plan and shopping list to allow you to have time to shop and prepare your food.

A message from Tania

I am your conscience; I am the person that sits on your shoulder every time you open the fridge or pantry. If you’re having a great day, text me and let me know, if you’re having a bad day I’m here to get you back on track. One bad day shouldn’t turn into two bad days, or three or four. If you’re here reading about EAT-fit for life then you clearly want and need some help to feel better. I will help and support you along the way but you need to be able to commit to doing the work.

So if you've decided that YOU want to make some changes in your life and start looking and feeling amazing then get in touch and let’s sign you up and get you set up to EAT-fit for life



"Thank you Tania. I must admit I never thought I would get back into a bikini but your delicious menu, and your contagious positive attitude has got me there. I'm so chuffed. Thanks for everything”.

"Thank you thank you. So much love for you gorgeous lady. Couldn't have got there without your everyday support and motivation and amazing training skills!!! Highly recommend the blitz to anyone wanting to kick start some weight loss and get back on track. I struggled to lose any weight after having my wee girl a year ago until I got on the blitz. Feeling so great and can't wait to start the next Blitz".

"12 months ago I was 76.6kg (my heaviest ) I did not like the way I looked, or the way I felt and I knew I had to do something. A good friend had recommended FFL a long time prior but at that stage I wasn't ready. With the passing of my uncle and my fathers Alzheimer's progressing I knew my stress levels would inevitably increase. I signed up for the 6 week winter blitz! I was so determined and focussed I loved it ! The shopping lists, meal plans and recipes made it so easy plus the meals were delicious and showed me a totally different way of eating. I felt so much more focussed and organised to the point my hubby and kids were getting proper meals at a regular time and as a bonus a happy mum/wife. I lost 7 kilos on my 6 week blitz and after 12 months I am now at 67.1 I am soooo happy both physically and mentally I'm way more on top of things in my life and feel the best I have ever felt and it's all down to you and your classes Tania, Thank you so much Tania".